Friday, 20 March 2015

what can I say

So it's Friday and I'm trying to think what I have done this week, as I can't find anything to photograph! I spent one of my days deconstructing a bed in the big boys room, moving the remaining furniture, cleaning and organising, not really worthy of a picture. I went to yoga yesterday evening because I missed my morning class. Though I did get into a headstand (with a little help) I did not have a camera to hand. Today I treated myself to a wander around Heathfield charity shops.....perfect...

swedish clogs

purple and yellow stripes

cooling sponge from my new cake tins.

Also here's the obligatory dog walk pic (the magical little roar gill hidden in the middle of Hastings)

and a bit of satisfying unravelling, ready to finish off another pair of slippers.

There we go, that'll do. I'm off to put the butter icing in my cake, make a cup of tea and do a bit of knitting. Until next week.

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