Saturday, 19 March 2016

map etc

I've been cracking on with the map this week, starting to try and pull it all together. I've had a few moments thinking I should have put more thought into the end result and toying with the idea of starting all over again, but resolving to stick with it. I'm going to working on some more lettering then I need to brave actually sticking some bits down.

 Judging by my Saturday morning outburst at missing a trip to the supermarket because one child made such a fuss about having to go that in a strop I said fine I would stay home, I need to get out a bit more next week! There's buds and blossoms to appreciate and I need some fresh air and perspective. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

bit gloomy

I'm feeling a bit left behind. On a bad day it can feel like everyone has their good times else where and I am left with the mundanity of housework and home-from-school-bossiness. I get tired of having to be almost entirely self motivated and I am a little adrift. These are small gripes in a generally very happy life and an hour listening to radio 4 gives me perspective. A cup of chai in my new mug will make me smile and I will cheer up soon.