Sunday, 21 June 2015

sunday morning

I am indulging in a Sunday morning alone, the house feels very quiet and still. I won't spend to long on this, as I have only an hour left. Here is my most recent finished piece. Oil Pastel, watercolour, ink stamps, card and paper. I am still bursting with ideas, but will not start anything today.

Friday, 12 June 2015

windows and doors

I'm not feeling very wordy this evening, so here's a few pictures of this week's boxes.

Reading on the doorstep.

An idea of scale (quite small).

Composition and colour.

Cutting windows and doors.

to be continued!

Friday, 5 June 2015

little houses

Ta Da! the box project continues, getting happier and happier with the results. Must try harder with my photography though. No matter how I try and line things up, they always seem to come out wonky. I have always been a terrible photographer largely, I think, because I have a tendency to see what I want to see rather than what is really there! Maybe it's the lighting too. Never mind, if I spend any longer taking and deleting photographs they'll be no time for coffee and cake, and that would never do.

Monday, 1 June 2015

last term

Another school holiday passed in a blur. Back for the last term of the year. Not only that, but the last term before Cherry starts primary school, the last term before Freddie starts secondary school...I am feeling a little...Well not sure really. I feel sad that the preschool years are nearly over. A little guilty that I didn't mark the change with each child so much as I am now. That's the thing with the 2 year gap between each one, there was always a smaller child to fill the hole the last one left but not this time. I am excited. I've always been one for a change, nothing more exciting than a new start. Apprehensive, what will I do (for the rest of my life??!!). But also of course aware that not that much will change really. Once we get into the swing of Freddie making his own way, Eli and Reuben continuing on their happy steady paths and Cherry not with me a couple more days a week, it will all feel very normal and my time will be as full as it is now, I have no doubt. 

Anyway, a little re cap then off to do some work....
Had a wonderful weekend camping with friends at Wowo, home to a mountain of washing and reorganising of cupboards (how did the tent etc all fit in there?). A day trip to buy shoes (surprisingly successful), a visit from the grandparents and some lazy down time, playing and watching and eating.

The box project continues....

And theres one more nearly finished, although I keep changing my mind on how to finish it!