Friday, 30 October 2015

still 39!

The run up to my big 4 0 has been pretty wonderful. Here's a brief run down!

A trip to MADE in London and purchasing this beautiful pot by Vicky Lindo, I love it so much, a massive thank you to m & d for buying it for me for my birthday. Meeting up with the very talented Mrs McArdell aka Janet Bell, as inspiring and beautiful as ever.

A delicious autumnal meal at the old folks, tasty cooking, bubbles, wine, port and of course wonderful company. Then a day out with my sis. We hit the shops, tried on every pair of black suede heels in Chichester and lunched out in style at Amelie & friends. I felt glamorous and special and a huge thanks to the v glamorous and v special Sarah.

The rest of the week has been filled with walks, playing with friends, football in the park, day of the dead crafts at the OB, hair cuts, hair styles, movies, games and we're off to a spooky disco this evening.

Last night I found time for a bit of drawing, inspired by my new book, listening to the folk show.

And in other news...
I've made a few business cards

Bought some new oil pastels...

Am thoroughly enjoying The Goldfinch...

Oh, and I treated myself to my own pumpkin!

Tomorrow is the big day, see you in my forties!!

Friday, 16 October 2015

i'll be brief

I've been trying to get some better photographs of my recent work. Sadly I now have no time to think of anything to write! So I'll be brief otherwise I won't get any lunch before the school run, and there's some bread rolls in the kitchen with my name on them!

Starting to get some stock together for the Curiosity Christmas Bazaar at the Observer Building

And these are nearly ready to go in their frames, just need to get the saw and sand paper out!

That's it, I'm off!