Monday, 22 February 2016

half term etc

I wrote this last week, but things have been busy...

today it rained all day. we stayed in all day. eli and i sawed the bunk beds in half. i moved the drawers and the wardrobe and the toy kitchen from one side of a room to the other. reuben and eli dragged a mattress down the stairs and we used it as a slide and then a trampoline then a wrestling mat. cherry set up an imaginary cafe serving soup and cakes and tea and coffee. freddie did a lot of reading. we amicabley pottered all day. sometimes i quite like the rain.

The school holidays continued with trips to the grandparents, the beach with friends, a walk and lunch out just me and the children, the theatre, the cinema, a birthday party, all rounded off with the perfect Sunday: a walk, a roast and a movie. Job Done! 

I am desperate to get back to my map drawings, but probably won't have a chance until Friday. I did finish this illustration for school last week.

And have nearlly finished this scarf.

Am off now to cook everyones's favourite tagliatelle bolognese. Having just listened to a womans hour discussion about fussy eaters I am feeling very relaxed about our family's eating habits and enjoyment of food!