Friday, 29 January 2016


I have joined instagram, search claire.paisley xx

lots of ...ings

Sitting my new desk space.

Admiring... my children's art work (a panda sitting on a mouse, in case you were wondering)

Finishing... valentines boxes, for Four Doors' window display in Rye.

Reading...The Honours, only a few chapters in, enjoying the words and the cover!


Realising... that I may be turning into my grandma. I've just bought these Greydawn 1950s bowls

and theses new shoes

I've actually swept behind the sofa

and I very much enjoyed an eccles cake (v delicious, from Rye Deli) with my coffee this morning.

Thinking of you Mollly x

Friday, 22 January 2016


One of the problems I have with the internet is that when I have a look around at what other artists are doing, there is SO MUCH amazing stuff out there that it's hard not to feel daunted. So much talent and work I can only dream of making. The flip side of this is that such a wealth of inspiration is so easily accessible (without leaving the house, which on these dreary January days is quite handy!). In a matter of moments I have as many ideas floating around my head as I can cope with and I'm raring to go, pencil in hand and with the little extra time I seem to have had this week, I have managed to get started on a couple of projects....

Valentines boxes for Four Doors in Rye...

And the beginings of an illustrated map of Hastings & St Leonards...

Friday, 15 January 2016


It's birthday season chez nous, which leaves little time for my own projects. I managed a couple of hours this week working on an idea to use more figures alongside the houses...

but mostly creative juices have been flowing into other areas!

Friday, 8 January 2016


A new years shift around of bedrooms and desk spaces has inspired a sense of display, not just in me! A few compositions from around the house...

Haven't managed much on the work front this week (well they only went back to school 3 days ago!), just 3 thank you cards...