Monday, 23 May 2016

home time

I relalise that I haven't put anything on here about 'home life' for a while. I think my drawing has rather over taken my free time recently, which has been great but I am missing the other stuff a bit. The house really needs some attention, I feel a big tidy maybe a moving around of furniture coming on. 

Things in the garden are growing well, our rhodedendron has flowered again, just when we thought it's days were numbered and the herbs, now a few years in are looking very healthy. I've done a bit more baking in the last week or so, having realised that its been a while. 

These rolls came out rather more rock than roll(!) but they taste nice and are wholesome, which is something I'm trying to be more, I even bought some Chia seeds.

The children are all just growing and growing, especially the biggest who has almost overtaken me. Its a little sad to see the beginnings of the inevitable separation from home but so exciting too. We're almost in the last term before the summer holidays which always feels like a bit of a countdown. This year our big trip to the south of france is often on our minds and regularly comes up in converstaion, already so looking forward to it.
I need to get something going on the knitting needles, I'm thinking of trying a simple jumper for myself but procrastinating a lot wich means I'm doing nothing, watch this space. Just started a new book, The Little Paris Bookshop, bought mostly for the title. Enjoying some lovely wines from Borough Wines in Hastings, including one made at Plumpton college, it seems english wines could be where it's at.