Saturday, 18 April 2015

Friday, 17 April 2015


I think I've done too much do-ing with not enough thinking. My paper cuts/boxes/dioramas have got a little lost. I'm not quite sure any more of what I am trying to achieve. I think its ok, there are benefits to just getting on with it and learning by the process of making, but I am feeling a little frustrated that I don't actually like any of what I have made. However, if I see each piece as a preliminary sketch, as a working through of the idea, rather than an end result, I can see that my time has not been wasted. I think maybe I should go for a walk in the windy sunshine, reading this back only confirms how muddled my head is! Some photos to illustrate my point:

I rehoused and slightly altered this one...

finished this one...

Started, then abandoned this one....

and am waiting to continue with this one...

All in all I think I prefer the stones the children and I painted on the beach!

Friday, 3 April 2015


I'm so excited by my diorama experiments. I spent an afternoon measuring and folding and cutting, playing around with boxes. There was only a bit of time left for what to put inside, but have made a start on a background which will be good to continue with, the next chance I get. 

School holidays have meant a lot of football and park and woods and swimming and catching up with friends and a little bit of family creativity here and there. I always wanted my kitchen table to look like this.

Also this week I have managed to make one of a tiny pair of slippers for a new baby. I slightly altered the ankle bit in the vain hope that they might stay on, however I do maintain that any newborn gift is more about the giving than anything practical.

Happy Easter!