Friday, 23 January 2015

just a few words

Its nine o'clock but I promised myself I would post every Friday, so here I am trying to think of something to write. 

I've had a much needed and much enjoyed day off with my wonderful husband today. We took the hound for a walk in the winter sunshine around Brede woods. We always talk the best to the rhythm of a steady walking pace, conversation flows so much more naturally than when we are sat at a table or on the sofa. Next, we treated ourselves to lunch at the Cross Inn at Staplecross where we had a delicious burger and possibly the best chips I have ever had. I think they must have been those triple fried ones, really crunchy and fluffy inside! The pub was very pretty too, all rough wood, slate grey paint and hanging hops, good service, comfy chairs, just should have sat a bit closer to the fire. 

Then, on to pick the children up from school. All very relaxing and a good catch up with each other. No photos I'm afraid, I do find a camera distracting sometimes, it can feel like you're so busy trying to capture a beautiful moment that you forget to enjoy it. Largely my lack of photographic experience I am sure. 

So apart from today the week has gone by as it does....No sewing but started a drawing/painting/collage that has been brewing in my head for a while. It's still in the early stages but I think its going well and worth continuing with when I get the chance. 

Have started and deleted a few lines now, due to excessive waffling so I think it's time to sign off! Have a good week!

Friday, 16 January 2015


Lots of rain and wind this week, encouraging the instinct to hibernate. In the spirit of which, I have made my Pyjamas and finally finished my new slippers, hooray! Bring on the hot milk and chocolate cake...

Friday, 9 January 2015

New year

Happy 2015! A little late I know but it's taken this long to get around to some normality. I won't go on about Christmas, suffice to say lots of fun and relaxation and family time was had. A new year, lots of plans milling around my head, just need to start actioning them! One of which is getting in to a weekly post here so ...

The christmas slippers seemed to go down well.

Spent a morning sorting out my work room, very satisfying, all ready to 'create' in.

Have done a bit of sewing. A wrap skirt for me, using some beautifully drapey fabric from Wayward. I need to revisit the hem, not sure what trim to put there, or just turn it over, but it fits nicely and makes me feel like spinning in circles!

Another skirt for Cherry, always a quick way of making me feel like I'm achieving something!

I bought this fabric in a charity shop in Heathfield, which I'm going to make into some pyjamas for myself. (watch this space)

And I found these pictures on the camera of some yuletide baking, which I think look nice and therefore deserve to be included!