Wednesday, 8 July 2015

long time

Long time no post! Summer always gets busy, what with sports days and parents evenings and summer shows and tennis lessons and football matches and making the most of the weather by going to the beach and having picnics. Add in some new school induction days (No. 1 son getting the bus all by himself..weep weep) and a weekend camping, all means theres been little time for blogging! Anyway a quick catch up and a few photos...

As mentioned there's been quite a lot of emotion flying around the last 2 weeks, Freddie off to secondary school and Cherry starting primary in September. All exciting and I'm so proud of how ready they are, but that doesn't stop me from crying at any opportunity. I won't go on any more here, mostly because its nearly time for bed and my ability to string sentences together is worse than ever at this time of day!

My flower beds are bushing out, which is enthusing me a little in the garden (photo to follow).

Baking the usual sultana bread, rocky road and banana brownies (photo to follow).

Cooking lots of pasta and pancakes (photo to follow).

Rearranging the kitchen and creating a new outside eating area (photo to follow).

OK, enough! will charge my camera and return soon! x

Last weekends camping

Most recent boxes..
this is for a friends' 50th

and this one I was trying out adding something a bit different in the window. The angle of the photo is bad but you can get the idea!

I think I'm going to pursue more pattern and less people, I will keep you posted.