Friday, 27 March 2015


This week I made a diorama kind of thing. I've used the same style as the recent collage but have put it into three layers, set about 5mm apart, the whole thing is roughly 150mm square. I want to make a wooden/glass box to frame it. I think it looks a bit like an idea for a set design, I can imagine a plasticine gardener sitting in the chair, maybe having a little snooze.

Also I have finished repairing the sole of one of my slippers, worn through due to excessive wear. I'm off to make a start on the other one as I currently have a very warm left foot, while the right is a bit chilly. It's making me feel a bit wonky.

Friday, 20 March 2015

what can I say

So it's Friday and I'm trying to think what I have done this week, as I can't find anything to photograph! I spent one of my days deconstructing a bed in the big boys room, moving the remaining furniture, cleaning and organising, not really worthy of a picture. I went to yoga yesterday evening because I missed my morning class. Though I did get into a headstand (with a little help) I did not have a camera to hand. Today I treated myself to a wander around Heathfield charity shops.....perfect...

swedish clogs

purple and yellow stripes

cooling sponge from my new cake tins.

Also here's the obligatory dog walk pic (the magical little roar gill hidden in the middle of Hastings)

and a bit of satisfying unravelling, ready to finish off another pair of slippers.

There we go, that'll do. I'm off to put the butter icing in my cake, make a cup of tea and do a bit of knitting. Until next week.

Friday, 13 March 2015

camera action

I'm aware that I've been a bit slack with the pictures recently. This week I have tried to have a camera a bit more at the ready...

Walking the dog

Leaning over bridges



Eating out...

...and in

Making posters (Cherry's might not be massively informative but soooo cool)

And I think spring may have sprung. A bit of after dinner bouncing on the garden death trap! (I took the sides off a few weeks ago in preparation for getting rid of the whole thing, but haven't quite got around to it yet. It's only a matter of time before we have another broken arm or leg.) New fence looking good, thinking of painting it a subtle green blue this space!