Monday, 28 November 2016

Its been rather a long while since I wrote anything here, to be honest I'm struggling to keep up with all my online demands! As most who read this know, I have opened a shop and between Instagram, Facebook, shop website and personal website this blog has somewhat taken a back seat! 
Paisley and Friends launched at the end of October and has been an amazing experience so far. I am enjoying every minute of being there and despite the extra work load and head space it is a lot fun and very rewarding. It feels wonderful to be doing something so much for myself and I'm really proud of what I have acheived to date, whilst having lots of ideas for the coming year. I am so very lucky to have had so much support from friends and family and of course the Husband as ever has been my rock I really could not have done any of it without him. I'll put a couple of photos in and call it a night for now, but will try and get back to add some more personal posts soon.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

open studios

Thanks to everyone who came to Lewes Artwave and of course a big thank you to my host and fellow exhibitors. 

Just need to get ready for The Beacon this weekend now! Come visit if you can, West Hill, Hastings, 11am-5pm Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. There are loads of wonderful artists and makers exhibiting as well as tea, coffee and cake!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

July, just

If I don't write something in the next few days I'll have missed July altogether, however,  I've just read June's post and to be honest the last four weeks have been much the same!...

Walking ...


A new beach activity, for young and old alike!...

And a bit of romance for our anniversary...

I've been instragramming most of my creative exploits, doing quite a lot of drawing and fiddling around with some printable ideas. I finished one bit of knitting and have started another. Generally just muddling along!

We're getting ready for a big drive to the south of France at the end of the week, which makes for lots of list writing and pile making, so I'm unlikely to write again for a while. I'll try and think of something more substantil to say next time!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


The weeks seem to have been fuller than ever recently. The usual school, work, drawing, knitting, playing, haircutting, cooking etc. As well as a fair bit of talking and thinking and daydreamimg about plans for the future and what to do next. The odd good weather day has meant a dash to the beach and the rain has meant the weeds are engulfing the garden. I have been inspired by some amazing crafts at Made, West Dean, excitied by some new vegetable dyed merino wool and pleased with my new red salt water sandals!

Monday, 23 May 2016

home time

I relalise that I haven't put anything on here about 'home life' for a while. I think my drawing has rather over taken my free time recently, which has been great but I am missing the other stuff a bit. The house really needs some attention, I feel a big tidy maybe a moving around of furniture coming on. 

Things in the garden are growing well, our rhodedendron has flowered again, just when we thought it's days were numbered and the herbs, now a few years in are looking very healthy. I've done a bit more baking in the last week or so, having realised that its been a while. 

These rolls came out rather more rock than roll(!) but they taste nice and are wholesome, which is something I'm trying to be more, I even bought some Chia seeds.

The children are all just growing and growing, especially the biggest who has almost overtaken me. Its a little sad to see the beginnings of the inevitable separation from home but so exciting too. We're almost in the last term before the summer holidays which always feels like a bit of a countdown. This year our big trip to the south of france is often on our minds and regularly comes up in converstaion, already so looking forward to it.
I need to get something going on the knitting needles, I'm thinking of trying a simple jumper for myself but procrastinating a lot wich means I'm doing nothing, watch this space. Just started a new book, The Little Paris Bookshop, bought mostly for the title. Enjoying some lovely wines from Borough Wines in Hastings, including one made at Plumpton college, it seems english wines could be where it's at.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


I listen to a lot of radio when I'm workinging and when I'm drawing and the BBC had done itself proud recently. A few things I've really enjoyed are the dramatisation of Oranges are not the only fruit by Jeanette Winterson (reminding me of my A-Level art project that I hung loosely on that book!), the book at bedtime Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift, beautifully read by Eileen Atkins and Posties by Julia Darling featuring some delicious accents. I'm quite a sucker for a nice voice.  

On the Illustration front I have finished these...

...and started these...

...slowly getting closer to starting up my Etsy shop.

The weather has been rather chilly, but we've been for some lovely spring walks none the less and booked some summer camping in anticipation of a british heatwave! Off to  a wedding in Scotland at the weekend leaving these reprobates behind with Grandma...I hope she survives...

Saturday, 19 March 2016

map etc

I've been cracking on with the map this week, starting to try and pull it all together. I've had a few moments thinking I should have put more thought into the end result and toying with the idea of starting all over again, but resolving to stick with it. I'm going to working on some more lettering then I need to brave actually sticking some bits down.

 Judging by my Saturday morning outburst at missing a trip to the supermarket because one child made such a fuss about having to go that in a strop I said fine I would stay home, I need to get out a bit more next week! There's buds and blossoms to appreciate and I need some fresh air and perspective.