Friday, 9 January 2015

New year

Happy 2015! A little late I know but it's taken this long to get around to some normality. I won't go on about Christmas, suffice to say lots of fun and relaxation and family time was had. A new year, lots of plans milling around my head, just need to start actioning them! One of which is getting in to a weekly post here so ...

The christmas slippers seemed to go down well.

Spent a morning sorting out my work room, very satisfying, all ready to 'create' in.

Have done a bit of sewing. A wrap skirt for me, using some beautifully drapey fabric from Wayward. I need to revisit the hem, not sure what trim to put there, or just turn it over, but it fits nicely and makes me feel like spinning in circles!

Another skirt for Cherry, always a quick way of making me feel like I'm achieving something!

I bought this fabric in a charity shop in Heathfield, which I'm going to make into some pyjamas for myself. (watch this space)

And I found these pictures on the camera of some yuletide baking, which I think look nice and therefore deserve to be included!

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