Wednesday, 4 February 2015


oops missed my Friday deadline last week. In my defence I was helping the tall one with his tax return, which I found quite enjoyable! Using a rarely exercised part of my brain was satisfying. 

After a bit of a grumpy weekend I decided to look away from the people I love for inspiration and instead focus on some things that I love which has resulted in this little round up of photos and comments. 
(Luckily we have had a turn around in the last day or two and I can once again gaze upon my family and remember how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a wonderful lot.)

A new sofa inspired a furniture move around, perfect activity for a Friday morning.

These beautiful printed card animals were a birthday gift for number three, over the course of a morning they kept appearing around the kitchen. Quiet entertainment for 4 children and so cool to look at, well done Granny, perfect present!

Yummy anzac biscuits and fresh coffee, perfect combination.

I am loving my new jumper, thank you Toast sale, perfect for this chilly weather.

Re reading Prodigal Summer is transporting me to the forested mountains and small farms of southern Appalachia, it is the perfect escapism.

So all in all things are pretty darn perfect, no reason to be grumpy!


  1. New Sofa! Lovely- think the cushions make it! (Only kidding). Glad the pressie worked well. X i might buy some for myself they look so nice. X

  2. Loving the new sofa, looks great. Will look forward to parking my bottom on it with all your little bottoms sat somewhere close by (hopefully!) soon xxx