Saturday, 6 September 2014

Things have been so ridiculously busy these last few weeks and so many chores have backed up that i feel in a constant state of confusion. The problem is that I can't seem to find the space to sort the wood from the trees, let alone to take any action. The children are properly back to school next week, which will force a well needed routine in our house and I hope life will settle down into some autumnal peace. Until then I will embrace this muddling through, take one thing at a time and realise that even when it seems I have achieved nothing, if I list all that I have done in a day, that is certainly not the case. 

A pair of slippers for Reuben..


On the needles..
a pair for me!

home made rolls, delicious with peanut butter and grannies raspberry jam and pancakes, always pancakes.

Listening to:
lots of wonderful radio, especially the book at beach time series on radio 4 extra. The reading of before I go to sleep was really gripping, it made me work late all week! Also lots of Tove Jansson which always gets me feeling like I want to go and live somewhere really remote and full of weather.

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