Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It's been a while since the last post, life has been a little fraught and I have had trouble finding positive things to write about. Yesterday, determined to turn my mood around, I went in search of happy things. Here's a bit of what I found. 
I found a friend waiting at the school gates offering baby sitting help before I even realised I needed it. I found the warm september sunshine on the beach, the tide was way out, Jumble and I walked along the waters edge as far as the seaweed rocks. I found sea birds and rock pools and wet sand. 
I found the new stair gate Rog made at the weekend so  that we don't have to climb over the barrier, put up to keep Jumble downstairs.

I found some pretty corners around our home.

I made bangers and mash and gooey chocolate brownie pudding for dinner. And I talked to my husband about our troubles and everything didn't seem half as bad as it had before.

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