Friday, 13 February 2015

slow down

I need to slow down. I am trying to do too much. I am moaning about not having enough time, still, even though I actually have more time than I have had in years. Even that doesn't make sense...I think that might be the crux of it, time is time. There are only 60mins in an hour no matter how you spend them and there is no changing that. I keep trying to stretch time, trying to fit more and more into each hour and thus ending up feeling constantly rushed and frustrated. So I'm going to try and slow down. Sounds good, I'll see how it goes!

Finished the garden collage, even framed!

Made a birthday card for a friend...

Enjoyed Reubens home learning project this week...

Started an idea for a new baby illustration (but think I will shelve it for a week or two because of my new not doing too much regime!)

And now I'm going to take my achey over yoga'd arms and make a coffee and eat one of the nutty flapjacks I made for the Pre-school AGM I attended this morning!

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