Monday, 6 October 2014


The past couple of weeks have been brilliant. Things seem back on a more even keel, the children seem settled and happy (obviously the odd scrap every now and then, but..), Rog is around a bit more and we've had some great nights with friends, I feel on top of chores and work and we've even started the ball rolling getting the roof fixed! 

This is always my favourite time of year, the colours and the light and the anticipation of hunkering down for winter. I'm hoping to do some creating later in the week there's a few ideas bubbling away that I'm keen to explore.

Baking: bread rolls

Knitting: unsuccessfully trying to get the size right for Roger's slippers, this one is the right length but wide enough for 2 or 3 feet!!

Reading: having another go at Wolf Hall, already slightly loosing track due to falling asleep, book in hand...


  1. Glad you're feeling more settled and writing again. Lovely autumnal light here in Italy, especially in the early evening. Peachy mellow syrup over everything & still beautifully warm! Been trying to think what you could use the experimental slipper for...x

  2. PS persevere with Wolf Hall....