Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I have been trying to find the time to write some deep insights, witty remarks and attach some beautiful pictures, but alas, as ever, time keeps running away from me so I'm just going to post a quick catch up. It is only a week until school starts up again and I get back to some kind of routine, which should help with my time management! I struggle every year with these last few days of summer, running out of ideas, enthusiasm and money and we all just seem to want to be at home bumbling along, doing not very much. This general household mood along with the rainy autumnal weather makes me think... stuff it, embrace the inner lazy and enjoy it!

I found this beautiful jug in a local charity shop and cherry spotted the egg shaped stones on the beach.

Lemon and chocolate cakes, if they're homemade it's okay to eat only cake for lunch, right? 

My very important 11 o'clock coffee.... 

Finally got around to doing some knitting, have started with the smallest and working my way up the family, with these v cute slippers. It's a bit of guess work, altering yarn and needles to change the size  but it's so nice to have a project on the go.   


  1. Its ALWAYS OK to eat cake!! :) xx

  2. Cute, cute foot ware...I Love them! & Cherry has a good eye for a stone, even if it's not sparkly...x